Basic coat #5 in ivory nettle

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I broke off three twigs from the broom and gave it to the midwife. The midwife went into the woods and came out into the clearing at night. She stuck three twigs into the ground. An apple tree grew from one, a pear from another, and the third did not grow, but took deep roots. She gathered pears and apples and fed them to a young mare. The mare gave birth to a foal, with apples on its back and a star on its forehead. The foal grew up to be a good horse. I shoed the horse, saddled it, rode wherever I could, and after three days of travel, at a crossroads, the horseshoe fell off. I dug a hole in this place and found a chest. There is a korob in the chest, a casket in the korob, a key in the casket. I opened the locked door with the key, what I found behind it is now yours.

Slim fit coat created under the impression of the clothes of the so-called "otkhodniks", seasonal workers in XIX century Russia who came to work in the city and made up a significant part of the urban population. Leaving their home villages, even for a long time, becoming hired workers, they remained part of the rural community and did not consider themselves city dwellers.

Washed ivory nettle with ivory white washed cotton lining. Vegetable-tanned leather buttons. Sorcery.
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