Basic trousers #1 in ivory herringbone wool-linen blend

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The shepherd drove the sheep into the dark forest at sunset. The sheep scattered along the paths and went into the thicket. At dawn, a shepherd began to play his flute, and one sheep came out of the forest, but not from his flock. The shepherd took the sheep to the blacksmith and exchanged it for an iron ring. The blacksmith took the sheep to the fair and sold the sheep for seven copper coins. : The priest’s wife shorn the sheep, took the wool to the miller, and exchanged it for three bags of bone meal. The miller gave the wool to his wife, who spun the yarn, wove linen, and sewed trousers. She took it to the shepherd and exchanged it for a flute. 

Wide trousers cut using 1940's work trousers patterns in washed wool-linen blend fabric customly made for us in Lithuania, ivory white washed cotton lining from Uzbekistan. Vegetable-tanned leather and corozo buttons. Sorcery.
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