Zmai's trousers made of an old carpet

515 €
We waved branches and called on the wind. A wind came from the south and brought dry leaves. A wind came from the north and brought frozen berries. A wind came from the east and brought cherry petals. A wind came from the west and brought hazelnuts. We mixed everything, boiled it in a cauldron, and gave it to the blind tailor to drink. The tailor saw the light and sewed the trousers.

Trousers based on XIX century peasant pants. 90% hand-sewn including buttonholes & pick stitches. Made of an old Yugoslavian carpet from the early XX century. Ivory washed cotton lining from Uzbekistan. Antique buttons. Sorcery.

Univrsal fit. Size: S-XL
For the size measurements see the sizing table.
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