Znatok's trousers made for a wooden horses maker

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From a grandmother's chest, from a grandfather's box, from an unbleached stove, from a dry well, from an empty hut, from an old barn, from an owl's hollow, from an adder's nest, a cuckoo gathered threads, a mouse wove a handkerchief. Put the handkerchief in your pocket, don’t show it to a stranger, don’t tell your neighbor. Go into the forest, get a handkerchief, lay it on a stump, put a pie - the mouse to gnaw, the cuckoo to peck. Collect the crumbs, put them under the lining. You will leave any forest, you will enter any house.

These trousers are cut using 1940's work trousers patterns and sewn involving a great deal of handwork including hand sewn buttonholes & backtacks. Washed linen-cotton mix fabric custom made for us in lithuania, ivory white washed cotton lining from uzbekistan. Vegetable-tanned leather and corozo buttons. Sorcery.

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