ZDUHACHI are not much different from ordinary people. Only they sleep very soundly and it is difficult to wake them up. and during that time their spirit is absent. IT comes out TO guide the winds, chase the clouds, bring and carrie away hail, and TO fight with other ZDUHACHES.

Broom in one hand, three spindles in the other. Stay over the ravine, raise the wind from the bottom. The wind will rise, catch your name, carry it to the other bank.

Shower hail over the river, gather stones from the riverbed. Melt your name in the water, turn it into a catfish's dream.

In someone else's dream, but on your own ground, gather straw, tie a sheave. Straighten the ears, unbend the grass, lean a ladder against the sky.

A straw in the pocket, a log in the bosom. Stay by the wolf's gates, lit a wooden spill, threaten the wind with a rooster's feather. Reclaim your name.


ONLY TWO CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE USED TO BE CALLED THIS WAY: MASTER ARTISANS & SORCERERS. it is a story of the secrets and mysteries of mastery, of ANIMATE AND INANIMATE things, of the invisible and THE unknown.