Sorcerer's coat #2

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On the side of the wild rosemary, on the side of the wolfberry, in the blue twilight, at night, a man slowly walks.Behind him, along the roadsides, along the road, along the rosemary, along the wolfberry, along the night, along the blue, through the dark forest, a woman walks. On the road, at the crossroads, lies a coat. Put on a coat to keep warm. In the dark, in the forest, at night, in the drizzling rain, under wild rosemary, wolfberry, along the evening paths, through the autumn forest, through the night, through the blue, through the dark, a man walks.

This coat is cut using 1940's military coat patterns and sewn involving a great deal of handwork including hand sewn buttonholes & pick stitches. Washed linen-cotton mix fabric custom made for us in lithuania, ivory white washed cotton lining from uzbekistan. Vegetable-tanned leather buttons. Sorcery.
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