Sorcerer's shirt sewn by a Swiss shaman with a Russian soul

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Went fishing on the Serebryanka river. Caught a pike and threw it back into the river. The pike is not a fish, the pike is a fisherman. Caught  a carp, cut its belly open, found  copper key, the pike's present. Tried to open many doors with that key, to no avail. Fifteen years later the old Nicephorus died leaving the chest as his legacy. Here's the key to it. Open the chest, wind will blow from there and smoke will pour out. When the smoke clears find a shirt at the bottom.

This shirt is designed & sewn by a swiss shaman with a Russian soul. Inspired by traditional christening robes and Leo Tolstoi's shirts. Hand sewn buttonholes
and leather buttons hand-crafted by a jewish tailor during WWII. Sorcery.
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