Sorcerer's trousers #2

799 €
Wandered through the forest, through a thicket, stood up by a dry spruce, turned out his pockets, a coin fell out of his left pocket, fell through the ground, a coin fell out of his right pocket, rolled along the path. Went along the path, went to the hut, went inside. There are two chests in the hut - gold coins in one, acorns in the other. Bowed to the floor, spat three times on the hands, filled the pockets with acorns. Came out of the forest, pockets full of gold.

These trousers are cut using 1940's work trousers patterns and sewn involving a great deal of handwork including hand sewn buttonholes & backtacks. Washed linen-cotton mix fabric customly made for us in lithuania, ivory white washed cotton lining from uzbekistan. Vegetable-tanned leather and corozo buttons. Sorcery.
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