Zduhach's vest sewn by the Serbia's last traveling tailor

715 €
Not a spinning wheel spun it, not a weaver wove it, not a seamstress sewed it. From a catfish belly taken, with a candle flame sewed, with a river current lined. A young man put it on - he danced for three years; an old man put it on - he was silent for three years. Nikifor the blacksmith put it on - he went wherever the road took him and it was as dark as pitch.

This vest is sewn by the last man in serbia who continues the tradition of traveling tailors. It is a replica of an early XX century peasant vest sewn involving a great deal of handwork including hand sewn buttonholes & pick stitches. Deadstock vintage woolen fabric made in yugoslavia in the middle of XX century. White washed cotton lining from uzbekistan. Vegetable-tanned leather buttons. Sorcery.
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