Basic trousers #0 in black nettle

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Collect nettles, dry for three years, crush in a mortar, boil in a leaky trough, give a drink to a lame goat. The goat will go into the forest, knock on the oak with a lame foot, the door will open in the oak. Behind the door there is a room, in the room there is a chest, in the chest there are trousers: one for the oncoming one, the other for the godfather, the third for the damn brother. Bring the trousers to the market, exchange them for a sack of wheat. Plant was wheat, harvest the harvest, grind the flour, baked a loaf of bread. Brake the loaf, find the golden ring inside.

Our basic trousers based on XIX century peasant pants. Made of black washed nettle with ivory white washed cotton lining. Hand sewn buttonholes. Corozo buttons. Sorcery.
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