Century-old decrottoir

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Marco walked across the field to the sorcerer, his boots got dirty in clay. He riched the sorcerer’s house, his boots were dirty so he couldn’t enter. He took out some piece of iron from under the threshold, cleaned his boots, and put the piece of iron in his bosom. He entered the sorcerer, and the sorcerer immediately realized was taken his thing without asking and said from the doorway: “I won’t give you what you came for. But what you took, keep it for yourself. That’s it, goodbye.” Marco was upset, but there was nothing to do. He went home and gave the piece of iron to a blacksmith. And the blacksmith was no fool, he immediately sensed what the piece was. He hardened it in the forge, put it on a chain, and hung it on his belt. He cleaned his boots with it and the path always led to the right place. Now it is yours.

A century-old decrottoir found in Italian region of Puglia. Iron, black paint, sorcery.
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